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From the desk of Isaiah Malanos, Ph.D.

Dear Professor Alvarado,

On July 19, 2489, after four years of looking, I discovered the following document in the ruins of what my team believes was the Santa Fe Penitentiary. It is my belief that the following record is the journal of Emil See Fwaha, Tewa Shaman, and all of humankind’s great-grandfather.

I have authenticated the text as originating from a Remington Noiseless typewriter. The paper is consistent with that which was made in the 2040s. Carbon dating indicates that the journal came from 2040 or 2050. Further, the hand drawn image matches what we believe Emil See Fwaha looked like, and each entry is signed with his mark.

The Tewa tell the story of a Tewa Shaman and his trusted friend, together with a small group of survivors, who restarted life in the Rio Grande Valley near Chimayo. The shaman wandered the continents, bringing peace and life to every area of the globe. Legend has it that this shaman lived well past two hundred years before returning to the Rio Grande Valley for his final resting place.

The attached journal covers the month of November 2056. According to this journal, great-grandfather left ancient Santa Fe for what he calls the “Pecos Pueblo.” I have found this location on your historic maps. When we receive confirmation that you have received this artifact, my team will head to the next location.

My hope is to locate another record of great-grandfather there. I will contact you when I get there.

Thank you for your support of this incredible journey.

Your humble servant,

Dr. Isaiah Malanos
Begin Reading on November 1, 2014