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Jornada del Muerto is a novella series which follows Emil See Fwaha, the last living man on earth.

Emil's Mark Prisoner Days: Set in 2056, Emil and George are living at the old Santa Fe Penitentiary ten years after the Great Transition, when human beings transitioned into zombies or as Emil calls them “wasps.” Emil is a Tewa pueblo shaman. By surviving the transition, he is fulfilling a four hundred year old prophesy.

Prisoner Days is a journal created by Emil on a Remington Noiseless Typewriter. The journal covers the month of November 2056 . The journal ends when Emil and George leave the Santa Fe Penitentiary for the Pecos Pueblo.

About the author: Claudia Hall Christian writes great stories about good people caught in difficult situations. She is the author of the bestselling Alex the Fey thrillers, the long-running serial fiction Denver Cereal, the Seth and Ava Mysteries, and the serial fictions, Suffer a Witch — where the Salem Witch Trial victims live in modern day Boston, MA, — and the Queen of Cool, set in Fort Worth, Texas. She writes books and keeps honeybees in Denver, Colorado. For more information, go to her website: